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The rain is the yearning’s tear. I remembered when the sky had ascended towards the throne; she remained looking at her sister; the earth, with deep passion. Silently she was sending kisses with the wind’s wings, but when the yearning fires, her eyes tear with rain. Yes, the rain drops are the grieving tears of a lucent soul.

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Read Poetry: TREES, by Anwar Jaber


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1- The Silent Tree

These birds love the silent tree and like to perch on that bough. You know; the love is unexplained thing but we know it very well. From that lovely bough, the leaves and feathers had fallen with a quarrelsome smile. This was a heavy thing for that tired tree which is filled with sad stories. She always descends to clean the ground from the frivolous feathers. Her slim fingers drown butterflies and her broken heart chants absent songs. I saw her kissing water like my voice which I had forgotten at my postponed beginning.


2- Missing trees

I am a wild man knows the animals’ sounds but not pure like them. The bears are neither rough nor brown and the owl is sliver and sees the truth. At that glory, I was smiling in the morning and for many times I was sitting at a lake I…

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Babylonian Poet


The poem has appeared on Peacock journal.

When the morning’s happiness outpoured, and the foggy shadow secluded, at that moment I knew that the sun had a pure splendid face and the light wings went to laugh with their full days.

O great woman, when the mask of darkness which is perching on liberation’s chest falls, I will see all the towers, eventual smiles, and the glorious rain chants on your hands. O great Mary, from your heart corners all the dreams of rivers come and all universes have been loved by acquainted whiteness which cleaves the heart of grey time.

I watch your light wings and I listen to your deep voice with cheerfulness. I see your words on the lake’s face: “The peaceful one will defeat darkness by every loved word.” This will enliven the warmth in the cold mountains, overspread the greenness in the dry land, and…

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He Who Saw the Light

Babylonian Poet

He who saw.jpg

The poem has appeared on Peacock

I love the mud, because it was a memory of your great hands. I feel so pride when I see flights of arrivers sit at your door seeking some nectar from you big secrets.

Yes, I know, you look at us – the primitive- with a smile because you are Sin Liqui who saw everything. Here, we are talking about the infinity but you had kneaded it between your fingers and illuminated its dark cities by a leafy light. I see you on brassy Uruk’s porches looking at us with a cup of tea glitters like a Babylonian angel who plays in the wilderness with Enkidu’s deer.

Yes, your hands defeated the aging and death, because you saw the secrets. O Sin Leqi Unninni, you look at us and smile, because you are (who saw the light).

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The Writing is a Transfiguration of Beauty

Babylonian Poet

The Writing is aTransfiguration of writng.jpg

Our world in its essence is a transfiguration of beauty and all of us appreciating it. We can see the immense impact of the colors and perfumes on our daily life, and our existence is simply an incessant attempt to find beauty.

Seeking beauty is an innate desire, and as we can’t live without food, we can’t live without beauty. One of beauty’s pages in our life is writing which, by its admirable styles, enlivens the lands of hope and illuminates the areas of darkness. Beautiful writing can change our awareness about ourselves and the world in addition to its innovative features which make us fly with cheerfulness and jaunt with delight.

These conscious and subconscious effects of writing occur as a result of the strong relationship between the language and our minds, of the powerful effect of writing on our minds’ embodying and the final appearance of our existence…

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