The Expressionism and Futurism in “Disastrous dance Cinderella”

Jean Bertrand writes poetry with a very unique internal expressionism, and this is the real core of poetry. Poetry ia vision and expression and Jean do well in both side. In her poem" Disastrous dance Cinderella" we find that expressionism which colors the reader world with a world of feelings, symbolism and vision. The feelings … Continue reading The Expressionism and Futurism in “Disastrous dance Cinderella”

The Wavy Writing in Jyotirmaya Thakur Expressive narrative poetry

The waving writing in Jyotirmaya poetry colors her works with "sweet symbolism" which is a very delicate and high level art.  Anwar Jaber   The Indian poetess Jyotirmaya Thakur writes poetry gathers the dulcet superficial textual structure and the widely meaningful deep semantic structure. And in a very important experience, Jyotirmaya have written a collection … Continue reading The Wavy Writing in Jyotirmaya Thakur Expressive narrative poetry


Many literary theorists like Bakhtin doubted the possibility of polyphony in poetry due to its monophonic nature but the answers were big and fast against Bakhtin from his Russian friends(Anwar Jaber; The Literary Expression; 2017).  Polyphony means the presence of multiple visions and ideological sounds in the text where the author voice is not clear, and this type of writing needs narration, so it can find itself in the narrative … Continue reading THE POLYPHONY IN FADHILA MESSAI POETRY

Tessellated Expressive Narrative Prose Poetry

The Narratolyric writing In Literature, there are poetry, prose and in the middle, prose poetry according to the characters of the superficial and deep structures of the speaking. Every speaking or its writing has a superficial structure which is the first construction and the understanding level in the hearing or reading process, and a deep … Continue reading Tessellated Expressive Narrative Prose Poetry




I am from these rivers where every drop iterates your name with passion and these deserts where every grain dissolves in your name delicious resplendence with gladness. The closed doors, the thick veils and the big obstacles vanish at your blessed name and the morning birds take their amazing colors from its paradisiac fragrance. By it, all the beginnings will be great and over its wings all the perfection comes with love.


Your name is the sublime chant and all these pleasures can’t find our hearts but through it. Oh The All Compassionate, all these creatures take their beginning from your words and all the warmhearted parents knew their amiability from your mercifulness. Allah, is the name from which the truth takes its presence and the love know its rivers. The light is nothing but a boundless story seeks your glory and the sun…

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The Mechanism of Beauty in Withered Petals of Mushtaque Barq

The Mechanism of Beauty It is uneasy to touch the human depth, but the penetrating poetry can do it. Mushtaque Barq; the Kashmiri poet is one of the poets whose poems can touch our deep internal. This very delicate field in the human experience; I mean the feelings touching cannot occur without a very special … Continue reading The Mechanism of Beauty in Withered Petals of Mushtaque Barq