The Law of Beauty


(( I FIND IT ))
The Law of Beauty
Very good morning dear friends.
For more the 25 years, I was working on the quantitative approach of beauty, and I had tried for a long time to find the final equation of the beauty law and step by step I reached this goal. Today, I am happy to announce my original and deep discovery in the spiritual laws which represented by the Law of Aesthetic in any thing especially writing and below is the equation:
Ae= Ap × As × At2 × Au4

Ae= Aesthetic ( beauty).
Ap= Appreciation.
As = Astonishment.
At = artistry.
Au = Authorial style ( the style).

the law of beauty

I will produce this equation in a book under the title of ” The Law of Beauty” Inshallah.wa Alhamdulillah.
Anwer Ghani
You small brother. Jan 2019.

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